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Tulle Pom-Pom Wand

Isn’t this tulle pom-pom wand the cutest? My daughter has been playing with her new pom-pom wands since we made them. I love making pom-poms because they are super easy and inexpensive to create. Plus, I had some rolls of tulle in my craft supply stash and I was glad to finally put them to use for this fun and adorable craft.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Cardboard to cut pom-pom maker (free downloadable template)
  • Roll of 5.5 inch tulle in your choice of color
  • Coordinating string
  • 12 inch wooden dowel
  • Acrylic paint for dowel
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (to be handled by an adult)

First, paint your wooden dowel and set it aside to dry. Then, use my free printable template to cut your own cardboard pom-pom maker. The template is the exact same size as the one I used. Be sure to use strong cardboard. Get the free template here:

Make the pom-pom by wrapping the tulle firmly around the cardboard pom-pom maker. I wrapped my tulle around 25 times. Cut off the excess tulle. Then tie around the middle by pushing your string through the middle hole. Tie at the middle as tight as possible with a strong knot.

Cut the tulle along the outer edge of the pom-pom maker. You will see the tulle start to take shape as you cut. When both sides are cut, pull the pom-pom away from the cardboard pom-pom maker. Fluff your pom-pom and cut the excess string. Trim any tulle that sticks out too far.

When the painted dowel is dry, simply hot-glue the end of the dowel to the center of the pom-pom and allow the glue to cool completely. Now your Tulle Pom-Pom Wand is complete! Give it to your favorite princess, fairy, prince, or superhero and let the fun begin!

Watch my video tutorial here:

Toward the end of my video tutorial, you’ll notice how my cardboard pom-pom maker started to bend. I realize now that I may have been wrapping the tulle too tightly. Plus, that cardboard was getting a workout since this was after making several pom-poms. Luckily, the pom-pom came out looking great. Just a word to the wise, try to wrap firmly, yet gently!

I hope you enjoyed this craft! Now my wheels are turning about all the different pom-pom crafts I want to make. Be sure to join in the fun on the Kid’s Craft Studio Community Facebook Group and share a photo of your creation. Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!