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Swimming Shark Craft

If there’s one animal my son loves (besides cats 😹), it’s sharks. After all, sharks are pretty cool. So, after making the Swimming Mermaid with my daughter, I thought it would be fun to make something geared toward my son. This Swimming Shark Craft is fun to create with the added bonus of being able to make the shark “swim” around.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this craft:

  • White cardstock for the free printable
  • Markers
  • Two paper plates
  • Paint in tan and two shades of blue
  • Popsicle stick
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Stapler

First, cut one of the paper plates in half. Cut across the middle in a wavy pattern. This halved paper plate will form the front of the water. The other paper plate will form the background.

Next, paint the paper plates. I used acrylic paint, but tempera or washable paint will work too. Paint the background plate to create a sky, sand, and water scene. The sand should be across the middle, so it will be just above the water when the halved water plate is placed on top. Next, paint the back side of the water plate. Paint one side of the popsicle stick the same color as the water. Set all the painted items aside to dry.

Download the free printable here:

Then, print the free printable on white cardstock. Color and cut out the shark, sun, and palm tree. When the paint has dried, cut a slit across the bottom of the plate. Then, use the glue stick to glue the sun and palm tree to the plate and glue the shark to the end of the popsicle stick.

Place the bottom end of the popsicle stick through the slit so the shark can “swim” in the water. Finally, place the halved plate on top and staple around the edges to connect the two plates.

Here is the full video tutorial:

Have fun with your swimming shark and be sure to share your finished project in the Kids Craft Studio Community Facebook Group. I can’t wait to see your creation!