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Perler Beads: Craft Kit Of The Month

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A friend recently reminded me of this favorite craft from my childhood. Do you remember making designs with these plastic beads that melt together?

Perler beads are so much fun for kids (and parents, and grandparents) to play with. My kids enjoy spending time placing beads on the plastic pegboards in just the right pattern for their design. Time spent crafting is always quality time!

I debated for awhile about which kit to get us started on our Perler Bead journey. There are lots of different options out there. Spring bead kits, mermaid bead kits, animal bead kits, and more. I finally settled on this kit:

This Perler Bead Activity Kit has been perfect for us to get started with. It comes with two organized trays with 24 different bead colors and 4 pegboards in different shapes. There are several patterns included for inspiration as well.

You may also want to grab a pack of these tweezers to make placing the beads much easier. This is a great fine motor activity!

Because we have been having so much fun with our Perler Beads, the kids and I have officially named this kit the Kids Craft Studio Craft Kit of the Month! We will feature several of our Perler Bead creations on the Blog throughout August. We are excited to let our Perler passion run wild!

Do your kids love Perler Beads? Share some of your favorite creations in the Kids Craft Studio Facebook group. I look forward to seeing you there!