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Paper Doily Butterfly

Butterflies are a sure sign that summer is in full swing. We have been seeing so many butterflies outside lately. So, I was inspired to help the kids create a butterfly of their own. Since trips to the craft store are few and far between lately, I thought we might be able to use some items we already had at home.

I am a bit of a craft supply hoarder, so this challenge was right up my alley. First, I came across some old-style clothespins I had saved. They were the perfect thing to make into a butterfly bodies. Then, I found a package of paper doilies that I bought at Dollar Tree a few years back and never used. Boom – butterfly wings! 🙂

With such simple supplies, this butterfly is simple and fun to make. Your kiddos will love the process of decorating the wings with markers and putting the pieces together to make their very own Paper Doily Butterfly.

Supplies needed:

  • Paper doily (or my free printable)
  • Wooden clothespin
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Markers

First, cut the paper doily like a pie to make wings. I was able to get three pairs of wings from one doily. No paper doilies on hand? Just print out the free printable and you’ll be all set. Doily crisis avoided.

Next, color the wings! You can make them as colorful and as detailed as you like. Use real butterflies as inspiration or go with your own design. The sky is the limit!

Finally, glue the wings together and glue the wooden clothespin to the center of the wings. When your butterfly is dry it is ready to fly around or be proudly displayed and admired in your home.

Here is my full tutorial video:

I hope you enjoyed this Paper Doily Butterfly Craft! Be sure to share your child’s creation in our Kids Craft Studio Community Facebook group. Happy crafting!