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Gift Wrap Fireworks

Am I the only one who buys too much new gift wrap only to discover a stash at home that I forgot I had? My gift wrap collection continues to grow with each holiday season. So, when I was looking for something to make fireworks from, gift wrap seemed like the perfect medium. It’s shiny, sparkly, and festive – perfect for fireworks!


  • Black construction paper
  • Gift wrap
  • Wide gift ribbon
  • Foil star stickers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

First, cut strips of gift wrap from the parts you want to use for your fireworks. I used the sparkly parts of the striped red paper I had. Cut strips about 1/4 inch wide and 4-5 inches long. Use the glue stick to glue them to the black paper in an asterisk shape.

Next, cut pieces of the wide gift ribbon to make the 3D-style fireworks. Cut the ribbon in 5-6 inch lengths. Then glue the ends together and glue them to the paper in a flower-like shape to make the firework.

Finally, add the foil stars to the middle and ends of each firework and add a few more to your paper for a festive summer night look.

Here’s my video tutorial:

This is a fun summer project for your kids to celebrate the fun of fireworks for Independence Day and other festivals. With a few simple materials, they can create some glittering entertainment at home, and you can use up some of that old gift wrap!

I can’t wait to see your kid’s creation! Be sure to share in our Kid’s Craft Studio Community Facebook Group.