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Father’s Day Bobblehead Craft

Looking for a cute Father’s Day craft your kids can make for dad? Look no further! This Father’s Day Bobblehead Craft is a unique and inexpensive way for your kids to show dad some love.

Ready to get started? You’re in luck! I made a free printable with the pieces you’ll need to make this craft. Download it here:

Materials needed:

  • Printable page printed on white paper
  • Photos of the kids
  • Two different solid colors of paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Markers

How to make this craft:

First, your kiddos can each color and cut out the paper body they would like to use for their bobblehead. (Be sure to print multiple copies of the printable to get the number of bodies you need.) The bodies are small, so younger children can do their best or get some help from a grown-up.

Next, use the template to cut out the oval-shaped platforms from your color paper. You’ll need a platform for each bobblehead. Use the same color paper to cut a square slightly larger than the “Happy Father’s Day” label. Glue the label to the paper.

Then, cut out the bobblehead faces from pictures of your kiddos. Faces should be the approximate size shown on the printable to get the bobblehead look. Next, cut out the L-shaped pieces. Fold the L-shaped pieces as shown in the video to make the springs for the bobbleheads.

Finally, glue all the pieces to the background paper to make your bobblehead craft! (A half-sheet of paper was the right size for two bobbleheads. You can use a larger or smaller background paper depending on the number of bobbleheads you have.)

Want to see this project take shape? Watch my video for the full tutorial:

This craft is sure to bring a smile to any dad’s face this Father’s Day. I hope you and your kids enjoy making it as much as we did. I would love to see your finished project! See others’ creations and share your own in the Kids Craft Studio Community on Facebook.

Happy Father’s Day & Happy Crafting!