Crafts For All Ages

Build A Box Fort

Building a fort is an inexpensive and creative STEAM activity for kids. My kids have never met a cardboard box that they didn’t try to transform and recently they were inspired to build a box fort. Unfortunately, we had no big boxes for them to use. Luckily, we happened to be going to Home Depot so we decided to check out their moving supplies.

I was excited that they had large boxes for under $2 each. We bought 5 large boxes and a $5 roll of packing tape. So, this activity cost about $15 for us. Side note: we probably could have sourced free boxes elsewhere and were all out of packing tape at home. So, if you have access to this stuff already, your kids might be able to do this activity for free.

I love this activity because it is both educational and tends to keep kids’ attention for a longer period of time. My kids decided how to design their fort, how to keep their fort from collapsing, and where they wanted the windows and “doors” to be. I helped a little with the tape and I used a box cutter to cut windows for them. Other than that, I was able to focus my attention on other things while they played in their fort. Yay!

I think it turned out pretty great, don’t you?

When they are done with their fort, we will fold the boxes and stash them away for the next time they feel inspired. This inexpensive educational activity has been a fun summer project for the kids. Sometimes the best crafts come from the simplest ideas.

Be sure to share your child’s box fort creation with us in the Kids Craft Studio Facebook group. Happy crafting!